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Friday, February 6, 2009

How to use and setup Feedburner (Email Subscription) for your blog

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Feedburner allows you to publicize your blog. It allows you to optimize distribution so that your content or article is correctly formatted for all of the major directories and can be consumed by subscribers wherever they are. It allows you to analyze your web traffic. Best of all, since Feedburner was already acquired by Google, you can monetize your feed with Google Adsense for Feeds.

Step by step tutorial on how to use and setup Feedburner (Email Subscription) for your blog.

1. Sign up for Feedburner.

2. Paste your blog URL and click Next.

3. Select YOURBLOGNAME - Atom: Leave the default selection as it is which is Atom feed.

4. Click Next.

5. Again in this step just leave the default values as it is (but you can change it if you want to).

6. Congrats! Your FeedBurner feed is now live (They should have changed this message as it is misleading to the users, it says live but actually you have to wait for a couple of hours). Click Next.
7. Choose the information which you want to track. In the screenshot below I choose Clickthroughs — How often people click items back to your site and I want more! Have FeedBurner Stats also track. Click Next. You're Done setting up your Feedburner

8. Click on My Feeds.

9. Click on the Feed Title which you have just created. It will prompt a message "Your feed is so new, we’re still playing with the bubble wrap. Check back soon for a full dose of stats." Just wait for a couple of hours and your feed will be up and running.

10. Assuming that your feed is already up and running. Click on your new Feed.

11. Click on Optimize Tab and Activate BrowserFriendly and SmartFeed (actually its up to you on which services you want to activate. I only use these 2 services because these are all I need and understand.hehe)

12. Go to Publicize Tab and activate Email Subscriptions.

13. Go to Use as a widget in and choose Blogger (if you are using Blogger).

14. Click Go Select the blog you want and type the title that you want.

15. Click ADD A WIDGET.

16. The next page would be the Page Elements. Just find the Email Subscription widget you have just created and drag it wherever you want. Note: I have encountered a problem in this step. The Page Element page was cropped. What I did is just close the window login back to my blogger account.

View your blog and you will now have an Email Subscription box like the one I have in this blog. Note that if a user subscribes to your blog, they will receive emails if you have updates. No Updates, no Email to your subscribers.


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