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Monday, February 2, 2009

Google Blogger for Dummies Book

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The Dummies series books are very popular nowadays because it tackles a certain topic in a way that everyone could understand. If you want to blog or have already a blog, this Dummies Book will very helpful in developing your blog. This is specifically for Google's blog platform called Google Blogger.

The author of the book is Susan Gunelius and is priced at $16.49.

Google Blogger for Dummies will cover the basics of using Blogger from creating a blog to setting up a blog. It also covers advanced techniques which are very helpful and useful to experienced bloggers.

From the Back Cover

Here's what you need to know to get started with Google Blogger

Want to share your opinions, promote your business, network with others, and maybe pick up a few extra dollars, all without learning to program? Millions of people are doing it with Google Blogger, and you can too. This book helps you create a Blogger account, write compelling content, build an audience, make money from your blog, and more!

  • What's a blog, and what's Blogger? — learn the parts of a blog, what Blogger does, and how to choose goals and blog topics

  • Nuts and bolts — choose a domain name, learn to use the dashboard, pick a template, and configure settings

  • Blog effectively — learn blogosphere etiquette and some secrets for long-term success

  • Fun bells and whistles — dress up your blog with templates (lots of them are free!)

  • Does making dollars make sense? — explore options for Google Adsense®, contextual and text link ads, paid posts, and merchandising with CafePress

  • Spread the word — promote your blog through search engines and social networking sites

  • A family of blogs — set up multi-user blogs or branch into mobile blogging, podcasting, or video blogging

  • Get more Google — use Picasa®, YouTube, Feedburner, and more

Open the book and find:

  • How to choose a blog topic and personalize your blog

  • What you should know about moderating comments

  • How to maintain your blog with tools like Blog This! and Quick Edit

  • Simple search engine optimization techniques

  • Tips for tracking your blog traffic

  • Where to find cool free templates

  • How to make money from your blog

  • Ten useful social networking sites

In my humble opinion, I believe that this book is great for beginners. I mean even beginners who have no idea what blogging is. I have read several Dummies books and all I can say is that it is very easy to understand as it explains in a very detailed way and give instructions step by step. Grab a copy now and you might be the next Millionaire Blogger. ^_^


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