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Friday, February 20, 2009

How to change the font face/type/family of Google Adsense Text Ads

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Today, I have just received an email from Inside Adsense that we can now control or change the font type or style of our Text Ads. We can choose between Arial, Times, and Verdana font faces. The options are limited but this is much better than no control over it.

This is a step by step tutorial on how to change the font face/type/family of Google Adsense Text Ads.

1. Login to your Google Adsense account

2. Click on the Adsense Setup Tab

3. Click on Manage Ads

4. Choose an Ad unit that you would like to customize

5. Scroll down and now you will see a new "Fonts" option. Select the Font Family that you want. There are only 3 choices: Arial, Times and Verdana. As I have said, this is much better than no control, right?
6. Click on Save settings. "Your AdSense unit has been saved. Changes may not appear for up to 10 minutes." Done!

I have just noticed that the options Account default, Standard Adsense font family and Verdana are of the same values. This means that the default font face for Google adsense before this new feature is Verdana. So to those blogs or sites who used Verdana as their font, I guess you don't need to change your Text Ads font. But of course its up to you.hehe Note that this feature is not applicable to LINK UNITS.

You can set a custom font as the account default, to show in all your AdSense for content units. You can also choose custom settings on individual ad units. We currently offer the font faces Arial, Times, and Verdana, which have shown to perform well across publisher sites. - Google

I have not tried this one yet since I am using different templates on my different blogs. The customization or changing of the font really depends on what font you used in your text so that you can better blend the ads and your text. So to those who participated in the Google Adsense program, I encourage you to try this. This might just be a little thing to you but I believe most Adsense users, who wants to better optimize their Google Text Ads, are happy with this new feature.


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