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Monday, February 16, 2009

How to create or setup Adsense for Feeds

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What is Adsense for Feed? AdSense for feeds allows web publishers to earn by placing targeted Google ads in their feeds. AdSense for feeds works the way the rest of the AdSense program works: by delivering ads that are relevant to your content and your readers.

Like other AdSense ads, feed ads can be paid in two ways: by click, or by impression. Feed ads can also be targeted in two ways.

  • contextually targeted to the content in your feed
  • targeted by advertisers to your specific feed when you set up an ad placement

You can control the frequency, appearance, and positioning of Google ads in your feeds. The ad size is automatically determined based on where your feed is appearing. - Google Adsense

Step by step tutorial on how to create or setup Adsense for Feeds.

1. Login to your Google Adsense account.

2. Click on Adsense Setup Tab.

3. Click on Adsense for Feeds.

4. In this step, you have the option to change the setting of your Adsense for Feed unit. But I usually leave its default settings because I don't have any problems with it.

If you are using FeedBurner to burn your feeds, your blog will be displayed below. In this example, it stated that "Your only remaining feed without an ad unit, , will display this ad unit."

5. Click on Save and you are done!

6. The next time you publish an article, your Feed Subscribers will see a Google Ad below your post. Below is a sample screen shot of my Tech Blog feed, TechMata, with Google Adsense for Feed. My Asus Eee PC 1000 Review to be specific.

Please note that you can also consult the official Google Adsense page regarding this tutorial.


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