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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Is blogging right for me?

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If you are new to blogging, please read the whole post. I am pretty sure many people out there immediately started there own blog because of MONEY. People think that blogging will be there future. People think that they can become rich through blogging.

So before you create your own blog, ask yourself first "Is blogging right for me"?
If you want to blog because you want to write something that you are interested with but NOT because of MONEY, then there is no problem with that. It is just the same as you want to go to an Italian restaurant because you want to eat Italian Pizza.
But if you blog because of MONEY, then you have to learn many things before you can earn decent income from blogging.

Ask yourself these questions before you jump into blogging:
  • Do I like writing? - Blogging is Writing. If you don't like writing then blogging is not for you.
  • Do I have time writing? - Writing needs time same as blogging. You have to invest time in order to write articles.
  • Am I a self starter? - You need to take initiative. You have to be ready to embark new things. It is essential that you can start and could manage the blog yourself.
  • Do I have computer skills? - It is essential to have computer skills when you want to blog. When you blog, you use a computer, you connect to the Internet and sometimes you want to customize your site and do little tweaks.
  • Do I enjoy reading tons of articles? - Reading is learning. If you are a blogger, it is important that you do a lot of reading. I myself learned a lot just by reading especially about blogging tips.
  • Do I like socializing with people? - Socializing with people is the most important key if you want to blog for money. It is through socializing that you will be able to increase traffic.
  • Do I like answering people's problems? - If people have comments or questions regarding your post, you also have to reply to them and give clear explanations. Otherwise, they will leave and forget about your blog and search for other sites.
  • Are you hardworking? - Blogging needs time and effort as it grows. Without hard work, your blog will not grow just like when you do your work.
  • Am I honest? - Readers or visitors like to visit sites that are trustworthy and credible.
  • Am I consistent? - Readers or visitors like to visit sites that are updated daily (Not stale for about a month or a year). If you don't update your blog, chances are your readers will leave your site and look for another one.
Hope this helps you think clearly before you sign-up to Blogger.


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